10 ways my brain has changed since I was a mom

10 ways my brain has changed since I was a mom

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What if there was a life before and after becoming a mother? Many moms confide how much their daily life and their way of thinking were turned upside down by the arrival of baby. Little anthology to smile!

1. I became the queen of the organization

No more slamming the front door and leaving unexpectedly! From now on, all my outings look like a real expedition!

2. I learned not to be alone anymore

Before I was kind of looking for the company. Now, I take the opportunity to go to the bathroom to give me a little moment of solitude when small end is not to knock behind the door!

3. I learned to relativize

My house looks like a shambles. The dishes overflow in the sink. The dirty linen stocking is always full. Whatever. I forget all my daily life as soon as baby makes me smile!

4. I started to simmer good food

While I was a fan of frozen food and fast food, I began to detail the labels of all the products that I buy with the intention of feeding properly my little end.

5. I feel in good shape after 5 or 6 hours of sleep in a row while before baby, 8 am, it was the bare minimum

Not to mention the greasy morning mornings that could last until early afternoon.

6. I do not have a purse, but a changing bag

I put aside any desire to be fashionable. From now on, I'm wearing the huge diaper bag in which I cleverly slipped my wallet and my papers!

7. I no longer have the same pain tolerance

It must be said that after a delivery, we tend to see things a little differently. A small sore throat or a moderate fever next to 12 hours of work, it's for the little players!

8. I cross the crosswalks and wait for the little guy to be green

Even if he does not realize anything warm in his stroller, I'm already starting to teach him the things in life or at least I'm starting to get ready!

9. I find myself suddenly interested in children's literature

Between nursery rhymes, stories and cartoons for children, it's a long time since I enjoyed a good novel or a Sunday night movie!

10. I think first of all about my child's wardrobe rather than my own

From now on, it's my little end that must be "fashion"! My locker is empty as the baby dresser fills up. Logic: I do not do more than stores for children!

Karine Ancelet