Ah! his first nightmares

Ah! his first nightmares

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Help your baby find his rhythm day-night or your great to sleep well at night ... we offer every day a tip from the second issue of the collection "The essentials of: 85 tips for him to sleep well", sold with pocket format. Today, our special counsel 1-2 years.

  • Nightmares appear around the age of 2 when children are able to acquire symbolic thinking. They are part of natural development and occur in the phase of REM sleep. A nightmare allows your toddler to stage his difficulties, his negative emotions. But the younger he is, the harder it will be to distinguish between real and imaginary.
  • Nightmares must be differentiated from the illusions of falling asleep, also called "hypnagogic hallucinations". These occur at the beginning of sleep: bursts of falling asleep, but also feeling to see or hear odd things.

Stay zen, confident, mature: he is watching you!

  • Avoid TV before bedtime and stories a little scary. If he calls you at night because he has a nightmare, comfort him. Give him a hug, give him possibly a glass of water and his blanket. Explain that it's a bad dream and that everything is fine. It is your calm and serene attitude that will reassure him. No need to go to the window to see if the bad guys are gone, you would only maintain the idea that it's real.

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