Buy your toys in a specialized store

Buy your toys in a specialized store

Choosing your toys on the Internet is good ... but buying them in a specialist store is interesting too! When buying your toys, think about it!

Dedicated shops

  • The Great Recipe, PlayedClub, KingToys, ToysR'Us... all these stores only sell games and toys (and baby equipment) and offer a huge choice: all brands are represented, from the smallest to the most prestigious. Not to mention the news, of course. So there are all the prices too.
  • These stores even offer their own selection : Stamped Grande Récré toys, JouéClub exclusives or discoveries of the world at ToysR'Us. Better, at King Toys, this year, a discount corner gives a second life to games and toys of great brand ... and lighten your wallet.

Informed advice

  • Nothing beats direct contact with a specialist seller. In these stores, parents are guided by counselors who have developed unique expertise in their field. In addition, having participated in the selection of products sold in their stores, they are able to guide parents in their choice. Often, too, they perform demonstrations, very useful for hesitant families.

Well arranged shelves

  • In these stores, products are sorted by age or universe ; walking around the shelves is rather pleasant to make purchases in line with the age, gender and interests of his children. They wander in a magical world and can choose on the spot the toys that they like the most. They are even allowed to test the products placed on display, within their reach. Only problem: resist their temptations!

Safia Amor