10 tips for an extended pregnancy

10 tips for an extended pregnancy

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Now you have to stay in bed and rest! For their baby to come to term, some expectant mothers are forced to rest in the second trimester of pregnancy. An expectation sometimes heavy.

For most women, pregnancy occurs without major incident. After the nausea of ​​the first trimester, the months pass rather serenely until the happy event. For some, however, those who have to lie down, these nine months of waiting are similar to a "course of the fighter" where every day counts for the good health of the baby.

Bedded, in which cases?

Strict rest may be advisable in cases of threat of preterm birth, when the water pocket solicits the cervix.

  • Before 5 months. Sometimes the water pocket goes down into the vagina. The doctor may try to reintegrate and practice a strapping, which consists in keeping the collar closed by a very solid wire passed (like a purse). It is then advisable to lie down so as not to force on the strapping.
  • After 6 months. If the collar is very modified, that the pocket of water goes out, the future mother is not circled (too risky). She is hospitalized lying down. Apart from these cases, doctors rarely advocate complete bed rest. Indeed, complications can be more damaging: phlebitis, urinary tract infections.

Elongated pregnancy, what helps?

  • If you already have childrenyou can benefit from a housekeeper and / or a family worker. You will obtain the list of associations approved by the Family Allowances Fund at the same organization. You will benefit from rates according to your income.
  • If you do not have other children, help is possible. Check with the social service of the maternity ward or your town hall. Look also on the side of your mutual, some support home help hours. Family allowance fund: www.caf.fr

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