10 tips to treat yourself at a low price

10 tips to treat yourself at a low price

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A healthy and balanced diet is not necessarily expensive! Overview of practices that have proven successful and that we rediscover with pleasure today.

1. Shopping without improvisation

  • Races are rarely a part of fun and we can tend to do them quickly, without thinking too much. Too bad, because by streamlining this activity, it is possible to lighten the receipt!
  • Basic advice: set up your shopping list in advance before going to the supermarket. This will force you to stick to what you really need.
  • Another smart reflex: track down the real promotions without cracking for fake good deals. The good way? Check the price per kilo - even if it is written very small - and never to the unit. Some stores charge destocking prices for products whose end date is close: why not if you are sure to consume quickly.
  • Do not hesitate to opt for the brands of the distributors (Casino, Carrefour, Auchan, Leclerc, etc.). They are, most of the time, of equivalent quality to the products of the big brands. Only the packaging changes.

2. Stay alert to commercial sirens

  • Hard to resist the products that do everything to seduce us: dishes prepared to warm, biscuits and cheeses lightened giving us a good conscience. Warning ! They cost more and they do not want good for our health. As for light biscuits, if they lose fat, they gain in sugar and vice versa. Light cheeses are light in fat, but also very often in calcium. Boring. As for the prepared dishes, they are particularly loaded with fat and salt, substances used by manufacturers to enhance the taste.
  • Conclusion? Cook your own dishes yourself: you will master the freshness of ingredients, control the amount of sugar, fat, salt and avoid additives and preservatives (see our recipes). And above all, it will be economical: a minced pie with a kilo of meat costs around € 4.60; prepared at home with potatoes, milk and minced meat, it costs € 2.80.

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