10 hairstyles for your princess

10 hairstyles for your princess

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Snow Queen or snow reindeer, snowflake, wreath, snow stars ... we have found for you on Pinterest holiday style headgear for your princess that dishevel!

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10 party hairstyles for your princess (10 pics)

Snow Queen

You are a cutting pro? Get started in this felt hairstyle! Pinterest

Who is hiding there?

A Christmas character will love to nest in the silky hair of your louloute. Explains on Pinterest

Snow Stars

Glued on thin bars, stars as on the tree. To achieve by sticking shiny fabric on a piece of felt for example. Pinterest

Reindeer's hairstyle

Rudolph found a beautiful hiding place! Explains on Pinterest

We go round!

An idea to decline with all kinds of small decor for Christmas tree. Pinterest

Holly la lala

The beautiful crown that's here! Explains on Pinterest


A perfect hairstyle for the season ... Explanations on Pinterest

Bright idea

Why put the garland on the tree? Pinterest

My Christmas Tree

A festive and wrapped braid for your princess, it's the pompom! Explains on Pinterest

Party braid

It's quite an art to pack a pretty hairstyle! Explanation on Pinterest