7 tracks to manage the tablets

7 tracks to manage the tablets

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We are all afraid that our children will become addicted to videos, tablets and other screens. Here are some rules to set up at home so that everyone can enjoy all the benefits of tablets without abandoning games, reading or sports!

  • 1. First basic rule that also applies to parents: tablets and phones are forbidden during meals!
  • 2. Give priority: on holidays, when it is beautiful, priority to activities to be done outdoors. It is raining ? You will develop the rule!
  • 3. If you have more than one child, set usage times that match their pace: if one is an early riser, the early morning will be his "tablet break" to him. If another does not take a nap, this will be his ideal moment.
  • 4. Enjoy weekends and holidays to do activities with your child on the tablet: you will observe how he uses it, you will understand what he likes. Playing with him on the tablet is also about sharing an activity he likes. And you can also bring him to discover new games, richer ...
  • 5. After the holidays, you will probably evolve the rules to resume another rhythm. For example, no screens in the morning before school and on weekday evenings except Tuesdays and Fridays. The habit is easy to understand and accept!
  • 6. You will adapt the rules to the age of your children: "There is no magic recipe, what is important is that the rules are adapted to your family, well explained and that they evolve and as children develop, "said psychologist Yann Leroux.
  • 7. You will ensure that your children have other interests: Lego or drawing at home, pony or football with friends ... "If a child takes refuge in an activity, digital or not, it may indicate that he is having difficulty, or is running away from school, at home or elsewhere, "says Yann Leroux.

Cécile Dard and Odile Amblard

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