I tire ? I ask for help!

I tire ? I ask for help!

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Every day, find one of the tips from the 5th issue of the collection "Essentials of: 56 good plans to be a mom at the top in 2011", sold with the January issue of. Today, our advice for your mom's debut.

  • I'm not afraid to repeat it: it is normal to feel exhausted after a birth! The mere fact that my baby wakes up every two to four hours to suckle necessarily affects my sleep. This fatigue is variable according to each one. The ideal: to rest when my child sleeps. Relay with dad for baby care and housework.
  • And do not forget to ask my relatives for help. There is no shame in this and I can even be surprised to see that they do not ask for anything better!

I have a super network

  • Some live close to their mother's arch-available for the children, others know their city on the fingertip ... What is the trick of these jovial and relaxed mothers? A network that allows them to free time: they enjoy crèche parties, meetings of parents of pupils, chatter in the square to know other families, to set up a foolproof organization of services between mothers ... Or join a community of parents, as for example ... At once smart and nice!

Marie Auffret-Pericone

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Find more tips in "The essentials of: 56 tips to be a mom at the top in 2011", sold with.

Sleep, nutrition, games and toys, back ... find other Essential tips.


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