I think he has a flea bite, what to do?

I think he has a flea bite, what to do?

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Generally, flea bites are not serious in babies so that it is usually limited to relieve itching. It is also necessary to treat its environment to prevent other bites.

Is it a flea bite?

  • First thing to know: most often, there is not one, but several flea bites. They appear as small pink or red papules, more or less well grouped or aligned on the baby's skin. Looking closer, you may be able to see a small hole in the center of each of them, marking the location of the sting.
  • In most cases, flea bites cause itching. They are preferably found in areas left open (easier to reach for fleas) such as feet, ankles, hands, but they can also affect other areas of the body.

Flea bite in baby: what treatment?

  • In case of flea bite, the main thing is to relieve baby's itching and prevent it from scratching to prevent a possible bacterial superinfection.
  • As baby's skin is very fragile, it is always best to seek the advice of your pharmacist or pediatrician to be sure to use the right antiseptic lotion and good soothing cream.
  • In the meantime, small compresses of fresh water can relieve baby. If, despite the treatment, he still tries to scratch a lot, you may need to put mittens until the papules disappear.

Baby flea bite: when to consult?

  • It is better to consult as a precaution if the baby's skin is swollen and / or if the flea bites are accompanied by fever. This may be a sign of bacterial superinfection: it is not dramatic in itself, but baby will probably need antibiotic treatment for a few days.

How to prevent the appearance of other flea bites?

  • If you have pets, it's a safe bet that they were the first "victims" of fleas. It is imperative to treat them as soon as possible: your veterinarian can prescribe a flea shampoo, but also sprays to disinfect their basket, their cushion, their blanket, the sofa, the armchairs ... Also think about flea collars or pest control pipettes for prevent a new infestation of your favorite hairballs. It is also recommended to forbid them access to the nursery.
  • In addition, whether or not you have pets, you will probably need to wash bedding, stuffed animals and baby clothes thoroughly and frequently. It will also be necessary to wash the floor regularly and to vacuum everywhere, including under furniture: the larvae of fleas love to hide in dark corners.
  • Admittedly, all these measures are a little tedious, but they generally allow total eradication and quite fast chips. As a last resort, it is also possible to use smoke against fleas (without leaving anyone inside during fumigation), but this is only useful in the face of a massive invasion. It is rather rare and, in this kind of case, baby is certainly not the only one to have flea bites ...