6 good reflexes to protect your ears in summer

6 good reflexes to protect your ears in summer

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In summer, you always think to protect your child's skin and eyes from the sun, you make sure that it is sufficiently hydrated ... but his ears are also fragile and need some precautions? Before the summer starts, here are some tips to spend a summer with confidence.

1. By car, not too loud music

  • During the ride, you enjoy listening to family music. Make sure that the volume of the car radio or CD player is set to a reasonable volume.
  • When driving down a mountain road, drive at low speed so that your child's ears are minimally affected by changes in pressure levels.

2. By plane, station with drafts

  • During the flight, to avoid the risk of ENT infections, otitis including your globe-trotter, remember to preserve drafts.
  • If you let him watch a video, check that the headphones volume is not too high.

3. At the sea, after swimming, we dry our ears

  • To protect your eyes, your child may blink, but he can not close his ears and prevent water from entering his ear canal. So after each bath, remember to wipe your external auditory pavilion, even if you want to gently complete the hair dryer on your way home.

4. At the pool, watch out for the dives

  • Water puts pressure on the ears. So that they do not suffer too much, watch the number and depth of his jumps and dives of your little champion!

5. During concerts, stay away from speakers

  • In the summer, you enjoy walking and attending festivals, concerts or outdoor performances. Remember to place yourself at least 2 meters away from speakers, to protect your hearing aid from high sound power.

6. Headphones and earphones, turn down the volume

  • If you have bigger kids, pre-teens, music fans, invite them to limitr volume and duration of headphones. The JNA (National Day of Hearing) recommends 1 hour of listening per day at an average volume. 

Frédérique Odasso