What's happening in the 2nd quarter?

The second trimester is often considered as the most pleasant period of pregnancy. The nausea of ​​the first three months are gone and the disadvantages of the third quarter are still far ...

No more nausea, a nice belly ... that happiness this second quarter!

  • "This second trimester is often considered the most pleasant period: nausea usually disappears and the inconveniences of the third trimester are still far behind. pregnancy begins to see itself and women are often proud of it, "says Barbara Petit-Lamzalah, a midwife at the maternity ward at Delafontaine Hospital in Saint-Denis.
  • The gain in weight, very discreet in the first quarter, is accentuated at this time. Your belly is rounding and you start to feel your baby moving.
  • In addition, corticosteroid hormones, stimulants, correct the numbing influence of progesterone. Result: you feel fit. As long as the hormonal influx gives you a peach complexion, thicker and shiny hair and fortified nails, you literally radiate.

Second trimester: hormones want you well

Decidedly very active, the hormones influence each other, stimulating the action of the one who acts on the staining of your skin : the melanotropic substance.

  • Your nipples darken, as well as your possible scars. This explains the appearance in some women of the famous brown line (linea nigra) connecting the pubis and the navel. What is it due to? Remember that you, too, were first an embryo. However, this one has at the beginning the organs "à découvert". Gradually, the skin enveloped them, meeting at the level of the belly and creating this scarred area.
  • The darker your hair and skin, the more colorful this area will be. The fair skinned blondes, they are little affected by this phenomenon of hormonal hyperpigmentation. Brown or blonde, on the other hand, avoid exposing yourself to the sun. Otherwise, wear a mask of pregnancy, an accumulation of brown spots on the forehead, cheeks and chin, which it is sometimes difficult to get rid of, unlike the brown line that disappears after delivery.

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