He refuses to dress himself

He refuses to dress himself

Every morning it's the same story. You ask him to get dressed and a quarter of an hour later, your child always hangs in panties in the living room. How to motivate him?

The problem

It's not that he does not know how to dress. You have already seen it at work. But, as soon as you insist on doing it alone, your child is resisting and calling for help for every sock!

Who disturbs it?

  • Your child. Apparently, he would not mind going to school in his pajamas. But if you show signs of impatience, he points and you feel that he is not happy with him.
  • You. "Go get dressed." Once, twice, three times ... Pressed, you end up taking things in hand, asking yourself if there is not some ill will.

Dressing alone is not so easy

The laces with double knots and cross straps have no secret for you. Your child, he still lacks a little dexterity.

  • What has to be done. Simplify your life with clothes that are easy to put on: velcro shoes, sweater with wide neckline ... To save time, prepare clothes the night before and use small tricks: for example, a ring slipped into the slider of his zipper so that his little fingers catch it easily, or labels to differentiate the front of the back of the clothes ...
  • What to tell him. "I understand you're not doing it like a big one, but you can already try to put on your socks."

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