He still has no teeth, is it normal?

He still has no teeth, is it normal?

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His crèche friends already have premolars. And your child? Not the least quenotte in sight to almost 1 year! Should we worry?

The problem

  • Your child has swollen gums, but his teeth are still not pierced ...

Who disturbs it?

  • Your child. Sometimes it hurts, even without teeth ...
  • You. You ask yourself questions: will they finally arrive? When will he be able to chew?

And if he had no teeth at all?

  • No tooth? This would be quite exceptional, anodontia is extremely rare and linked to genetic diseases. On the other hand, he may miss one or two baby teeth ...

What has to be done :

  • First, you tranquilize. Up to 1 year, there is no reason to worry. His friends have about ten teeth? It's true, often the first tooth spikes as early as 6 months, but everyone has their own pace.
  • From 1 year old, you can consult a pediatrician. A dental panoramic will show if a tooth of milk is missing. Besides the function of chewing, their role is to prepare the place of permanent teeth. If one is missing, the others take their ease ... In this case - rare -, we follow the evolution of the dentition.

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