He does not let go of his stroller

He does not let go of his stroller

Since he walks, your child does not stop frolicking from room to room. But as soon as you take him out of the house, presto! he clings to his stroller and does not want to walk anymore. Why does not he want to let go of his stroller?

The problem

  • Since he took his first steps, your child no longer holds up at home. However, in the park or in the forest, while he has all the space in front of him, he refuses to set foot on the ground.

Who disturbs it?

  • Your child. When you invite him to leave his stroller to play in the park, he shoots and cries if you insist.
  • You. You do not understand that he is reluctant to frolic in the open air while it would be ideal to exercise his motor skills.


He is impressed

  • At home, your child has acquired benchmarks. Outside, in the park or in the woods, the environment is the unknown. Destabilized, he does not yet know how to manage his feeling of insecurity.

What has to be done

  • Help him feel comfortable. Put yourself near the stroller, at its height, and talk to him about what is happening around: the squirrel climbing on a tree, the dog who turns around the stroller, the other children who play in the park ... Bring a bucket and show him how you fill it with pine cones.
  • Your child will first observe, then he will want to participate. Wait until he shows himself the need to go down.

He's tired

  • Learning to walk in your child is recent. The energy spent between the coffee table and the couch is much less than it needs to frolic in a larger space, without support to stand from time to time.

What has to be done

  • Be patient and do not think that he refuses to move by mere whim. Leave him in the stroller if he does not want to leave, with his blanket that you will take the trouble to carry.
  • If he agrees to walk and after 5 minutes, he asks again the stroller, not because he is lazy, but because he needs to rest a moment ... before to leave to trot.
  • What to tell him. "We're going to sit a little together to have a snack."

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