It must be operated and I'm worried

It must be operated and I'm worried

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But yes, everything will be fine! You keep telling yourself. Still, if you could glean some reassuring advice ...

  • Even if the procedure does not present any particular difficulty, it is a test to leave your toddler in the hands of a medical team that you do not necessarily know. How to prepare your child for the intervention?

Ask lots of questions, it's already good!

Your child is in the process of merging with you: he feels your need to stay close to him as much as possible and to have as much information as possible.

  • One week before the intervention date, a meeting is held with the anesthesiologist responsible for falling asleep and postoperative pain. How is your child going to be anesthetized, how long should the surgery last, how will his pain be relieved, what do you need to know about the post-operation? This is the time to ask all your questions.
  • During the screenings, your toddler will be touched by the nurses, doctor or anesthesiologist. These gestures, which he accepts from you, his parents, can then be felt as an intrusion. Even if he can not speak much, just explain to him how things are going to unfold. The words thus become a mediator to prevent him from having trouble with the "touch of the body".

Explain to him why he needs surgery

  • Explain to your child why he or she needs this intervention. Explanations that you will repeat during preoperative visits. While he must submit to sometimes restrictive exams, he must also understand that no one wants him harm, on the contrary.
  • Ask to stay close to him for preoperative exams. During some of these, such as a blood test, you can put your little one on your lap. It is important that he can see you and hear you explain what is coming. If medical personnel allow it, let your curious touch the material. This reassures him because he understands with his senses.

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