He moves !

In the womb of his mother, each child develops differently. One moves barely and is discreet when the other is making antics and kicks violently.

What was that ? The first time is a sweet tickling. To incredulous amazement succeeds soon the certainty: "It moves, my baby moves!" For each future mother, it is an incredible moment. Suddenly, she realizes that in her belly lives and grows a little man.

  • Most mothers feel their baby's movements for the first time around 4-5 months of pregnancy. A first child is often noticed a little later (from the 20th week) than a second or third (from the 16th week).
  • From the 6th week of pregnancy, your baby starts his first acrobatic exercises and moves without you noticing. The embryo only measures a few inches and can perform the most daring tricks of skill. This requires a lot of coordination: the spine rotates as well as the head and shoulders and the spinal muscles tend to tighten.
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  • The intensity of movement also depends on the amount of amniotic fluid. The 20th week, it oscillates between 100 and 300 milliliters. The bigger the pool, the better chance your baby will stay in a corner. During the second half of pregnancy, the fetus sees its place shrink each week. It does not move as much, but on the other hand, it does so more targeted and more violently.
  • If embryonic development looks like for all babieshowever, each child moves differently. Pregnant moms for the second or third time are well aware: they already feel the differences in temperament between children when they are still in the womb.

    Stirring, calm ... in utero, every baby already has a little temperament. Not sure he keeps the same later.

  • Does this mean that babies develop their character from the womb? This is not so simple because socialization naturally plays a vital role in the development of personality.

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