Nivea Q10 + Firm Dry Oil

Nivea Q10 + Firm Dry Oil

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We like its formula that improves firmness and fights against loss of elasticity. It helps prevent stretch marks caused by weight changes, hormonal changes and pregnancy. Its avocado oil, rich in vitamins A and E, protective and nutritious, boosts its hydrating power. It is perfect for dry skin.

  • His price : 6,90 € the 200 ml.
  • Where to find it: in large and medium areas.

The opinion of mothers

Approved for its practicality

Solène (Carquefou), mother of Arthur, 2 years and a half, and Juliette, 1 month.

  • "I appreciate that it penetrates very quickly, which allows to dress immediately. Save time when you have small children. Its fragrance, delicate, is very pleasant. The spray facilitates its use. After my delivery, my skin was really dry, she was quickly rehydrated. "

Paule (Molinons), mother of Louis, 22 months, and 6 months pregnant.

  • "She's really great because she's not fat. As I am pregnant, my husband massages my legs with it and I find it very pleasant. I apply it on my belly, my chest and my thighs morning and evening and have no stretch marks. My skin is well hydrated, firmed. In short, I am super happy with this product! "

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