Coolers and thermos, how to choose?

Coolers and thermos, how to choose?

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The weather is nice. And if you took the opportunity to eat on the grass or sand? Here are the essentials for a successful picnic.

A cooler at the top

  • Whether flexible or rigid, electric or conventional, large or small, the cooler is the essential accessory to keep picnic dishes and drinks cool. From a few hours to 24 hours, today's cooler guarantees the preservation of food even under a blazing sun.
  • Plus its coating is solid, with full tank and lid insulation and a seal, plus it ensures perfect insulation and hygiene. But rigid models are sometimes too bulky. Also, it is possible to opt for a flexible model (textile), very insulating and also more convenient to use, thanks to its removable internal separators.
  • Some electric coolers connect to the car's cigarette lighter, others are installed in the rear seat and can even be fastened with a seatbelt! Take into account your bottles: does your cooler accept 1.5 L drinks?
  • Attention finally to the locking systemit must prevent accidental opening and handle with one hand and one click. Fill your cooler just before departure, especially if you need to add a bread or ice pack (non-electric cooler).
  • How ? From 20 to 150 € depending on the material and the capacity.

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