5 gestures to soothe a stressed child

5 gestures to soothe a stressed child

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Worries, anxieties ... sometimes your child is restless, worried. Here are some simple rules to encourage him to evacuate his stress. Why not enjoy it, too?

1. Help him fall asleep

  • A good sleep limits fatigue, a source of stress. Help him to go to bed early - 20 hours to 5-6 years -, reminding him of a well-honed ritual, in a calm atmosphere: after brushing teeth and pee-break, comes the sleeping with his blanket, the evening story, followed by hugs ... and dodo, if needed with a night light.
  • If he is reluctant, value being in bed; tell him that he does not have to sleep, but that it is time to lie down calmly. And remind him that there is a time for children and another for parents.

2. Offer him a very simple sophrology exo

  • To evacuate the stress, realize with him this exercise at the end of the day. The child then mobilizes his breathing, relaxes his muscles and practices positive visualization.
  • Standing, eyes closed, feet apart from the width of the pelvis to keep balance, arms along the body. Ask him to string 10 quick bust rotations, with free breathing, arms following the movement. To clear the worries, invite him to imagine that he is holding magical eras in his hands. Finish with 10 slow rotations.

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