5 tips to help him dress alone

5 tips to help him dress alone

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Around age 2, your child is able to participate when you dress. If he is still too small to button his shirt, he can perform simpler tasks such as putting on his shoes. Do not ask him too much and, above all, choose the right clothes.

1. Do not ask him too much

  • Every morning, it's the same chorus: your child can not get dressed without your help. Maybe you ask him too much? He is still small and even though he is more and more autonomous, he needs help, and especially time. No, he can not put on his socks alone if you squeeze him before going to the nanny.

2. Simplify your life

  • Simplify your life with easy to wear clothes: velcro shoes, wide neck sweater ...
  • Another trick to save time and not look in vain for this second sock red at 8 o'clock in the morning: prepare his outfit the day before.
  • Other little tips certified 100% effective by the moms: hang a ribbon in the slider of its zipper so that it can catch it more easily and place labels to differentiate the front of the back of the clothes ...

3. Help him feel good about his clothes

  • To feel good in your body, your toddler needs to be well in his clothes. For this, choose the right size: if it measures between 90 and 97 cm, opt for 3 years, between 98 and 105 cm, it will be 4 years and between 106 and 110 cm, 5 years. These sizes may vary by brand.
  • Another tip: do not buy clothes too big in anticipation of a growth spurt, your child would not be comfortable in it.

4. Choose pleasant subjects

  • Also be careful of the choice of materials: pure wool is certainly very hot, but it can scratch even if you put a sweater. Opt for a wool blend, always more pleasant. In general, cotton and wool-polyester blends are ideal.

5. Bet on comfort

  • Also check the location of seams and labels as they may irritate.
  • Lastly, choose the elastic pants at the waist, more comfortable and easier to put on and take off alone by your child who is learning to be clean.

Stéphanie Letellier

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