Is it worth changing pregnant bedding?

Is it worth changing pregnant bedding?

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No, you do not need special bedding, special SGB (Super Big Bottle), but if you plan to change the mattress, choose one that respects your curves and keeps your back properly.

Optimal support

  • A priori, there is no suspension better than another. Foam, latex or springs, it's just a matter of taste! That said, for your comfort, and to allow you to return without problem at night, it is recommended to sleep on a mattress with pocket springs. This technology guarantees excellent ventilation and also independence of sleeping. Basically, it is important to sleep well without being embarrassed by his neighbor!

A natural filling, preferably

  • Good lining prevents pressure points that are harmful to blood circulation. Choose a mattress with a padding made of wool, cotton or linen, 100% natural, thick and quality, because better will be the comfort. This will prevent you from accentuating the sensation of heavy legs that are common during pregnancy.

Choice of dimensions

  • It all depends on whether you like to sleep in love or if you are like "I'm lying down". In the first case, a mattress 140 x 190 cm is enough. Otherwise, opt for a 160 x 200 cm that will allow you to sleep with your love dad future, but not necessarily on him!

Slatted bed base

  • It offers a recordable life to the mattress when in good condition and of good quality. It fits just as well on a spring mattress as a foam model. In addition, its renewal is not necessarily necessary when acquiring a new mattress. So…

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