4 sports for my child

4 sports for my child

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A healthy mind in a healthy body ! This is how you want to see your child flourish. Basketball, karate, circus arts, climbing: here are 4 sports activities that can help you find this precious balance.


  • For who ? Your child is a fan of Joachim de Noah your child dreams of dribbling and baskets? With basketball he will be able to exercise his talents within a group.
  • Why ? Whether your child is a true leader or is often withdrawn, the practice of a team sport will show him that the skills of each are useful to the success of the group. Basketball will awaken and highlight its creative strengths and teach it to take responsibility while respecting others. He will develop his ability to compete through training based on psychomotricity, mastery of aggression and technical work. As part of the game he will learn to live in team, in society.
  • With what ? The mini basketball welcomes children from 5 years on a suitable and secure playground with smaller balloons and adjustable baskets. From 11 years we enter the category of "big". Technical equipment is provided by the club. A sports outfit (shorts and T-shirt) will be needed as well as a pair of sneakers reserved for the gym. The club dress will be mandatory for meetings and competitions. A medical certificate authorizing the practice of this sport will also be requested.
  • For more information: www.ffbb.com


  • For who ? Your child is overflowing with too much energy that he sometimes has trouble channeling? Karate can bring it to the path of wisdom.
  • Why ? Karate is not a combat sport but a martial art. A notion that extends his practice of physical fulfillment to the school of life. Your child will discover an educational and fun activity, based on the work of his balance and the orientation of his body in space, allowing him to channel his energy and build his confidence in him. The moral code of karate advocates the sense of honor, faithfulness, sincerity, courage, kindness, benevolence, righteousness, respect, modesty and self-control. Adapted to each age group this discipline develops the pleasure of progress validated by passing grades.
  • With what ? Some dojos offer introductory courses called baby karate classes from 4 years, the practice continues in groups for children, pre-teen and adult. For all a medical certificate is necessary. The equipment is composed of a kimono of karate, that's all. The belts are most often provided against remuneration by the club as and when the passage of rank. A medical certificate authorizing the practice of this sport will be required at registration.
  • For more information: www.ffkarate.fr

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