Pregnant, how to stop smoking?

Pregnant, how to stop smoking?

"I'm getting into my third month of pregnancy and I'm having a hard time managing the frustrations, especially the cigarette, I stopped a week and started again with only five cigarettes a day. feel guilty for the future baby. " Our specialist, a tobacco expert, answers Emma's question.

The answer of Conchita Gomez, midwife tobacco expert *

  • Your wish to stop smoking is legitimate, but it seems to me necessary to make a balance sheet called "diagnosis" simple, which can be done in your maternity with a midwife. It allows to know the duration of your smoking, your degree of dependence, etc. These elements will make it possible to know if a substitution treatment, for example by patch, is necessary and if an associated oral form is useful.
  • It is also important to identify the people who can support you in the first few days of stopping and to identify the "brakes" to the success of your withdrawal: gain weight, change your habits.
  • You can also integrate birth preparation sessions to meet other future moms with whom you can exchange. Pregnancy is a time of great vulnerability, you need to be surrounded and listened to.

The mothers' point of view

  • "Do not judge yourself too harshly, it's good that you've managed to reduce your consumption, I've found something to space my cigarettes, I could spend half a day with the same cigarette just taking "A whiff when the urge was too much.Courage, you will soon have the fruit of your efforts in your arms and you will be happy." Annie
  • "I feel guilty about smoking, but I give in. What helps me is the joy of feeling my baby moving now that I'm starting my fifth month, so hold on, someday, our babies will be in our bed. arm and everything will be better! " Lisa

* President of the National Association of Midwives Tobacco Experts

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