4 party recipes around the duck

4 party recipes around the duck

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Lollipops with foie gras, hamburger with foie gras, roasted goose and its fondue of parmesan and chestnuts, can with old vegetables ... for your meals of end of the year, let yourself be tempted by these delicious recipes of the chief Cécile Castellan, ambassador of Southwest cuisine.

Hamburger with foie gras

This is a gourmet hamburger that will surprise your guests. Spread and superpose, voila!

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Lollipops with foie gras

Lollipops: owl! With foie gras, it's even better. A holiday recipe that will make you happy.

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Roasted goose and its fondue of parmesan and chestnuts

A great classic revisited! What you feast with family for the holidays.

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Can with old vegetables

Make way for tradition ... old vegetables. A gourmet and light recipe at a time.

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