4th month of pregnancy: 14th to 17th week (16 to 19 weeks)

4th month of pregnancy: 14th to 17th week (16 to 19 weeks)

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You feel good, physically fit and fulfilled, this 4th month of pregnancy. Thanks to whom ? With hormones! If you are not your first child, you may begin to feel the first movements of your baby. An unforgettable moment.

Nice coconut!

  • Your uterus is now about the size of a coconut. It is thanks to progesterone, a hormone secreted by the ovary that allows it to grow. If it's your first pregnancy, your stomach is finally visible. What a joy to show it! Most mothers feel their baby's movements for the first time around 4-5 months of age. A first child is often noticed a little later than a second or third.

It's time for the 2nd visit

  • Your first echo has taken place and already gives information on the vitality of your baby. You will make the point with the gynecologist or the midwife.
  • From now on, at each visit, the height of your uterus will be measured using a tape measure, placed between the upper edge of your pubis and the upper part of the uterus. This measurement allows to appreciate the fetal growth, but also that of the uterus, the amniotic fluid and the placenta.
  • To know: at each of your consultations, the clinical examination will be identical: weight, height, blood pressure, uterine height, listening to the sounds of the heart of the baby, possibly vaginal touching.

And the individual interview of the 4th month?

  • Included in the preparation for birth and parenthood, this interview of the 4th month aims to prevent and inform future parents who feel helpless, disoriented about pregnancy and the arrival of a baby. This appointment takes place with a midwife or a gynecologist during the 4th month of pregnancy is systematically proposed. Unlike the other 7 consultations, it is not mandatory, but advised.

Beautiful breasts ...

  • Your breasts are heavy and tense. Sometimes even a little painful. Maybe you are not wearing the proper bra, that is to say, with a good support: elastic cups that grow at the same time as your chest, built-in breast supports, elastic and adjustable straps, a dorsal part with three positions and a minimum of seams. Do not hesitate to buy it in a specialized store where you will benefit from the advice of a salesgirl.

Attention to the future father

  • For more than three months, you live a little in a bubble. Your belly and you. Be careful not to neglect your companion, soon dad and prey to doubts and questions. It is important not to exclude it from your pregnancy. Ask him to attend the exams, especially the ultrasounds. Insist that he participate in the childbirth sessions ...

4th month baby side

He trains to breathe

4th month: the video

My mind-beast of the 4th month

  • Sign up for birth preparation if you have not done so yet.
  • Send the care sheets from your second consultation to Social Security and the duplicate to the Caf.
  • If you already have a child, start talking to her gently about the upcoming baby.
  • Consume calcium: your needs are around 1000 mg per day. It's good for your baby, you, and your future milk if you chose to breastfeed.

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