4 free Kokeshi postcards for your child

4 free Kokeshi postcards for your child

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"Hi, I'm having a good time ..." A map is always a pleasure. These are too kawai and will please your little vacationer. What to impress the friends ... or his grandma!

Click on slideshow to see the explanations

How to do ?

  • Print the visuals on a bit of paper. Cut out the cards, fold them and stick the front side on the back. A nice and stamp, and presto! to the box!
  • You can print each map of the slideshow directly or download the PDFs at the end of the slide show.
  • Good diy!

Attention, our crafts are in PDF format. To download and print, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader. To download it for free, it's here.

Annelore Parot / Ed. Milan 2009

A DIY idea from Julie Kokeshi magazine (Milan Presse)

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