Funny birds

Funny birds

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Let yourself be embarked in 3D by Kai, the young peregrine falcon with the beautiful gray-blue coat, in fabulous African adventures, on the edge of the majestic Victoria Falls. Fasten your belts ... Take off immediately!

What is history?

  • Kai, a young peregrine falcon who lives alone with his father in the African bush, dreams of discovering the City of Birds, perched on a giant baobab, the magnificent Zambezia. He arrives in this incredible city on the day of preparations for the Spring Festival. During his visit, he meets two funny birds and very beautiful ... who will help him to save the City from a frightful danger.

What your child will love

  • The African adventure. Surprising embarkation in authentic Africa, with incredible colors and extraordinary landscapes. Good gags, very funny and well paced. All the birds are funny.
  • Down the feathers. We discover new breeds of birds ... Like what, there is not only the pigeon in life!

What you will love too

  • Stunning birds. The birds are superbly represented: peregrine falcons are indeed the fastest creatures on the planet. Nighthawks really have an extraordinary ability to see in the dark. And weavers build incredible nests, only with their beaks and claws.
  • The rhythm in the skin. You will be thrilled by the African music, and the exotic rhythms of the Compagnie Créole ... it makes the birds laugh ...

Practical information

From 6 years old.

1 h 23

By Wayne Thornley, Metropolitan FilmExport, with the voices of Jeremy Suarez, Abigail Breslin, Jeff Goldblum, Leonard Nimoy, Samuel L. Jackson.

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