Couple: impose a turn of role

Couple: impose a turn of role

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Every day, find one of the infos extracted from the new issue of the collection "The essentials of: 64 keys to boost your couple", sold with the August issue of. Today, our advice to live too ... for oneself.

  • At the end of the day, you often leave very quickly to find your children, your spouse. But sometimes it's too much. Do not want to hurry. You have a race to do, just need to walk at your own pace, or even want to hang out at work, because you like to deepen a file, to talk with a colleague?
  • Every day is difficult for the one who assumes with the children, but in turn, it feels good and you come home much less tense!

Respect his silences

  • This is not necessarily disturbing. This silence can mean "R.A.S." (nothing to report). The job of your spouse is his space of personal fulfillment and it isolates things well with what is happening at home. It is a sign of independence and if all else is bathed between you, that good mood is at the rendezvous, what more?
  • Obviously, it is necessary to detect the problems before they get bigger. Just make it clear that you are there in case of trouble and that secrecy only worsens the situation. A word to you ...

Sophie Viguier-Vinson

Couple: other essential tips.

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