Peach-ripe jam

Peach-ripe jam

Who wants jam with peach and blackberries? It's us!


  • 1.5 kg of peaches
  • 1.2 kg of blackberries
  • 1.8 kg of powdered sugar
  • 2 lemons


The day before, rinse the blackberries, put them in a bowl and cover with 900 g caster sugar. Cover the bowl with stretch film.

Wash, peel, pit peaches and cut into strips. Put them in another bowl with the rest of the sugar. Cover again with stretch film.

The same day, add the juice of one lemon to each preparation. Pour the blackberries in a bowl of jam or a casserole and cook them. Pass the jam obtained at the vegetable mill. Pour it until half of the pots.

Cook the peaches in the same way and add the still boiling peach jam to the pots.

Flip the pots for 10 minutes.

Store your jars of jam in a dry place, away from light.