Count, why he loves?

Count, why he loves?

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By singing her favorite nursery rhymes, going up the steps of a staircase, pointing out the objects drawn on a book, your toddler takes all the pretexts to count and count again! What does he find in the figures that delight him so much?

The numbers are reassuring

  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ... You are very proud in front of your child able to draw the digital suite like a burst of machine gun! Warning: this does not mean that he perceives very precisely what are the numbers, what they represent.
  • For him, these are first and foremost words: around the age of 3, he does not connect them yet to the idea of ​​quantity.
  • On the other hand, he understood that they always follow one another in the same order, and that is what he likes! The 3 that always happens after the 2, the 4 that always comes before the 5, are certainties that help him build his inner security. He is on a perfectly familiar ground, he can anticipate what is going to happen, just as when he asks that he be re-read endlessly the same story. This string of numbers leaves no room for surprises that could prove to be bad.
  • And if your toddler has such a need for stability, it's not because he is psychorigid: it helps him cope with novelties and discoveries that brings him every day, and that come to shake his little world, shake his bearings!

What you can do with him.

  • Offer him books specially designed to learn how to count. The first page presents for example a rabbit, the second two chicks, the third three sheep, etc. Not to make him a future champion of mathematics or push him to the performance. But just to give him the opportunity to engage in one of his favorite activities in your company!

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