How to reach the basic Paje allocation?

How to reach the basic Paje allocation?

At the birth of your child, you can benefit from the basic allowance of the early childhood benefit (Paje), granted under certain means conditions. Are you concerned?

  • The basic allowance of the childcare benefit (Paje) is intended to meet the expenses related to the birth of a child and its maintenance. Its amount may vary according to the date of birth of the child.
  • For any child born - or arrived in the context of an adoption - from 1 April 2018, its full-rate amount is 170.71 € per month (until 31 March 2020). It is € 184.62 for former beneficiaries. At partial rate, the amount of the allowance is € 85.36 per month (€ 92.31 for former beneficiaries).

  • This allowance is paid on the first calendar month after birth and then once a month until the month preceding the child's third birthday.

  • If you host twins, triplets ... you will be paid as many basic allowances as children born (or adopted) simultaneously.
  • This allowance is subject to means testing. Your declared income must not exceed certain limits (see here).

  • To find out if you can claim, you can do a simulation on the CAF website

Article updated on September 10, 2019