15 tips to feed him well

15 tips to feed him well

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Mix some common sense and some wise advice, sprinkle a cloud of balance and you will get the recipe for good eating habits.

1. The TV ... not at the table

  • By distracting your child, the TV prevents him from being attentive to the signals that his body sends when he is satisfied. He eats more without realizing it and, in general, foods with high caloric density: chips, chocolate ... Even those whose small screen likes to echo through all these advertisements intended to appeal to young people telepathic consumers. It's up to you to put out the job and set up an attractive table!
  • Council +: the information broadcast at dinner time is often "violent" for a child. To spare your sensitivity, turn off the set when you eat with your family.

2. Diversify, it's won

  • What would you say if you were only offered ham and mashed potatoes for lunch and dinner? Yuck! Yes, diversity remains the key to a balanced diet. In full growth, your child must eat varied. It is important for one's health, but also to become a curious and open-minded person, even a gourmet.
  • ATat each meal, offer him an entry (raw vegetables or vegetables cooked in salad), starchy foods with vegetables, proteins (egg, meat or fish), a dairy product, a fruit (or a compote, a salad, a juice) and bread. On weekdays, ask him what he ate at the canteen and offer him a different dinner.
  • Council +: the food balance is over a week and not a day. So do not panic if for a day or two, his meals are unstructured. Your child still has five to six days to catch up!

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