DIY: the graphic clock

DIY: the graphic clock

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Here is a clock that does not go unnoticed and especially does not look like any other! A DIY idea to make with your child from 5 years, and that you can decline according to your desires!

Creation and realization Elisabeth Tzimakas
Photos Matthieu Csech.

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DIY: the graphic clock (5 photos)


You need :

  • A raw wooden clock
  • 1 tube of purple acrylic paint
  • 1 pot of Gesso (under layer)?
  • 1 small paint roller
  • Washi adhesive paper tape rolls ?: a turquoise? And an anise green?
  • 2 sticky stickers orange and 2 yellow?
  • Adhesive epoxy numbers
  • Scissors

Step 1

  • Unscrew the hands of the clock and paint the wood support ?: Apply a layer of underlay, then two coats of paint.
  • Let it dry 10 minutes after each coat.

2nd step

  • Decorate the clock ?: Paste a length of aniseed paper ribbon at an angle, then a turquoise one cutting at right angles.
  • Arrange the other perpendiculars to these first two alternating colors.

Step 3

  • Stick a length of paper on each needle and fold the edges on the back of the needle.
  • Glue the end of each needle between two identical stickers.
  • Stick the adhesive numbers on the clock to mark the hours.

Tips +

Tastes and styles

  • All decor variants are possible but be sure to choose a harmonious color range for the different elements.

Squaring the circle

  • Look for the top of the clock corresponding to its attachment on the back before placing the numbers at the four cardinal points. Start with the 12 at the top, then the 6 vis-à-vis well aligned with the central hole and finish with the 3 and 9.

Where to find the material ??

  • All supplies are available in Cultura stores or on sale at

Creation and realization Elisabeth Tzimakas for the digital magazine Parents & Enfants.
Photos Matthieu Csech.