Choosing the right baby bassinet

Choosing the right baby bassinet

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This little "basket" is often a first nest where your baby can sleep. Certainly, the basket is not essential, but it renders many services the first months. Our advice for choosing it.

The basket: cocoon of the first months

  • Lightweight and compact, the bassinet has the advantage of being carried everywhere and can even be used as an extra bed, the first days, if you want to place your little one in your room. It is halfway between the bed, the cradle and the maxi-cozy.
  • The bassinet is a space more cocoon than a bed, in which your little one will be well warm. But not too much ! Remember that the temperature of your room should not exceed 18-19 degrees C. In the same way, avoid absolutely sleeping under a duvet. Too enveloping, it must be known that it is largely responsible for the sudden death of the infant. Prefer the night bag! The advantage of the bassinet is its high mobility: light, it is easily transportable in the living room, your room or grandma. Practical whatever the model, wicker, cloth, you can install it on feet with wheels! But the basket does not last long: the first few months, not much more.

Some safety reminders before buying a bassinet

  • The basket must imperatively comply with standard NF / EN 1466.
  • Also, make sure the sides are at least 27.5 cm!
  • Check that the bottom of the basket is rigid to prevent your baby from rolling on the stomach and that the handles are very resistant.
  • Some models are sold with a stand, make sure it is stable.
  • There are foldable models, with storage cover, very useful for saving space.
  • Choose a model with removable cover to be able to ventilate it or wash it from time to time.
  • The basket is not a basket: forbidden to stay in the car! No question either to fix it on the structure of the stroller either.
  • It is used the first times, but put it away as soon as your child knows how to sit alone, to turn on his hands or his knees.
  • Last tip - that you can not repeat enough and that prevents the risk of sudden death - always put your baby on his back.

Good baby, our advice.

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