Pamper your bangs

Pamper your bangs

Whether it falls on the eye or on the other side ... the bangs change, but never goes out of fashion. Which fringe to adopt? How to cut it? All our advice for her to be beautiful and well cared for.

Which fringe to adopt?

We can make a fringe on all cuts, but you must take into account your hair type and the shape of your face.

  • Be ready to "work" in the morning for a nice movement if your hair is curly.
  • Take care to spot the place of your "ears" to cut the bangs in the direction of your hair.
  • Adopt a short fringe and degraded if your face is round.
  • Soften your square face with rather length.
  • Opt for anyyou can afford everything with an oval face.
  • Place it preferably on the side to highlight your long face.

How to cut it?

If you are quite skilled and do not have unruly hair or ears, you can always try to cut it yourself. Some tips are necessary to not miss it.

  • Work preferably on wet hair.
  • Tie your hair in a pony tail.
  • Equip yourself with professional scissors which taper to avoid an unassuming frank cut.
  • Cut everything that goes beyond and let it take its place naturally.
  • Dry. It will rise slightly and thus have its true length.
  • Correct if it is not short enough.
  • Make this cut about every two months.
  • Regularly use styling care, a spray that will help you give it a messy, structured effect or foam for volume.

Monique Fort