Beautiful with oils

Beautiful with oils

Very talented, the oils pamper you from head to toe. They know how to protect, relax, nourish, saturate, illuminate. Good reasons to invite them to your beauty rituals.

Oils, ideal to make a clean space

They clean all skin types and leave them satin and soft. Their assets:

  • Bring essential fatty acids preventing your skin from dehydrating.
  • Have optimal efficiency if you use an intense makeup or water resistant.
  • Clean all by thoroughly cleansing the skin without attacking it.

Well-being assured

Of vegetable origin, body oils can be used alone or mixed with essential oils (unless you are pregnant). Their actions :

  • Fight against stretch marksthat appear during pregnancy or weight loss.
  • Nourish your skin to prevent it from dehydrating and drying out.

Oils, a beauty treatment for your hair

As a bulb, tube, spray, they meet all the needs of your hair. To know :

  • Fortify tired hair by toning the scalp.
  • Protect from the drying effect sea ​​water, wind and preserve the color.
  • Smooth curly and rebellious hair.

A boost for the complexion

Oils contain different active ingredients depending on the needs of the epidermis. Their actions :

  • Feed dry skin who lack body fat.
  • To soothe the epidermis sensitive and responsive.

Monique Fort