Beautiful days: what games for baby?

Beautiful days: what games for baby?

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With sunny days and holidays, you want to spend time outdoors with your baby, here is a series of activities to share with him outdoors.

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Read stories in the shade of a tree or umbrella

If your baby is between 3 and 6 months old, sunny days are an opportunity for walks in the park. In the shade of a tree or a parasol, the moment is ideal for him to sing nursery rhymes or to tell him pretty stories. Have fun turning your hands into puppets to make it beautifully smile.

Use what nature inspires you

You can blow on your skin as the wind does and imitate the animals you hear: the croaking of the frog, the song of a bird that you reproduce whistling, the cry of a seagull.
Use a blade of grass to caress his forearm, distract him with colorful flowers that he will appreciate to contemplate, the air absorbed.

Awakening games

This is a poetic activity that we all remember: soap bubbles flying in the blue sky help your baby focus on a moving object. It is also an opportunity to occupy his brothers and sisters who are larger and who, thus, also participate in his awakening.
If your baby is between 6 and 12 months old, you can also read together a nice cardboard book filled with pictures or play with play dough.

Games with sand

Between 6 and 12 months, your baby is a follower of discoveries. Every day, he progresses in his learning and he loves materials like sand that give him new sensations. At the beach and at the park, play dragging these facetious little grains between your fingers and make sure to provide him with toys that he can grab or throw. Construction cubes or small plastic balls are good playmates, as they should distract him from throwing sand at him and so avoid getting into his eyes.

Games with sand

Inseparable from outdoor construction games, bucket and rake are also appreciated in all circumstances, so have fun building sandcastles.

Little homemade crafts

If your baby is between twelve and eighteen months old, you can paint cardboard boxes of different colors. Put them on your lawn and show them how to get around with their trolley or organize a four-legged race!

The swimming pool

It's a bit like the summer bath, except there is more room to play.
For the comfort and safety of your child, install it in an empty pool then run the jet water on his legs and fill the pool at low height. Seeing the water flowing and spreading is already a great joy for him!
Arrange colorful toys and never leave it unattended.

The indispensable

Between sun and heat, you need water to hydrate baby, a bottle and a spray of thermal water are necessary to refresh it often. Also be sure to apply a full screen sun cream. Also equip it with a hat and sunglasses.

The indispensable

Prefer early morning or late afternoon outings. And to protect baby from sun rays, especially at the beach, opt for anti-UV t-shirts.