Baby stars: do you know their name?

When it comes to choosing a name for their child, people do not lack imagination or daring! Incongruous, retro or totally invented, they dare everything, provided their child stands out. Overview of the most original names with our quizzes.

Star Babies: Girls' First Names

Alessandra Sublet, Beyonce, Monica Belluci ... All have been original for the first name of their daughter and they are not the only ones! Test your knowledge of these female first names given by stars to their children. And discover the meaning of these names. An idea for your future baby?

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Baby stars: Boys' first names

Looking for first name ideas for your future baby boy? Tony Parker, Vanessa Paradis, Bénabar ... perhaps you will find inspiration in people who do not lack imagination. Test your knowledge and discover the origin of these names.

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