10 reasons ... not to be afraid anymore

10 reasons ... not to be afraid anymore

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During pregnancy, your imagination grows as fast as your belly bounces. Come on, let's get rid of it. Because often, the day, pfft! the fear disappears. And also because instead of rehashing your disaster scenarios, you better try to understand what terrifies you ...

  • For some time, you have only one desire, take your legs to your neck ... Nightmares, flushes of anxiety succeed one another? By dint of collecting dark ideas, you probably wonder if your jitters are normal. Well yes ! If more, it is fueled by stories of deliveries worthy of the worst sci-fi movies (thank you girlfriends!), Hard not to crack! Let's go around your fears to tame them.

1. I'm afraid of ... dying in layers

  • You imagine that by giving life, you will leave yours there. You see your baby orphan. Stop! We are no longer in the 18th century. Today, the statistics are formal. Of 100,000 women giving birth in France, there are between 5 and 7 deaths. Of course, it's already too much. But we tend to secure the environment of birth as much as possible. A complete team is on site at all times and the practices are almost the same everywhere: managing the risk of bleeding and infections, screening for high blood pressure ... Above all, be aware that a good obstetric follow-up puts women on the list. shelter, even if zero risk does not exist.
  • Therefore, it is essential to learn about the maternity chosen. What happens if there is a glitch? Dare to ask all the questions, even if they seem ridiculous to you. And if there is a known risk during pregnancy (diabetes, heart problems ...), make arrangements or ask the question to your gynecologist: a maternity broken to these pathologies (level 3) will probably be recommended.

2. Sure, I'm going to panic!

  • I'm going to lose my feet, scream at death, call my mother? Remember. Already very young, you were afraid to have ... fear. That's a bit of it. We imagine the worst. What is at stake here is also the look of the other (midwife, nurse ...), not to mention that of the future dad. Let's proceed by order: the team is here to reassure you. She is used to seeing women in all their states. Your spouse may be shocked to see you screaming or grimacing. If he feels bad, why would not he go for a ride? So, go with all your heart! You want to scream, to grind the hand of the midwife? Do not hold back. You are neither the first nor the last ...

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