10 questions about perineal reeducation

10 questions about perineal reeducation

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Finding a harmonious sex life and avoiding urinary leakage are two excellent reasons to work your perineum after baby. Questions to Joëlle Souffir, physiotherapist, specialized in urogynecological rehabilitation.

1. What is the perineum for?

  • The perineum is a bundle of muscles which constitutes essential support of the internal genital organs. It extends from the pubis to the coccyx. It is crossed by the meaturinaire (orifice of the urinary canal), the vulvar buttonhole which terminates the vagina and the anus.
  • Its function is essential since it supports the organs of the small pelvis (rectum, vagina, uterus, bladder). The stronger it is, the more the organs are properly maintained. This set of muscles may be stretchable, it is under the added pressure of the baby's weight during pregnancy and high stresses during childbirth.
  • After birth, he is often released. Well done rehabilitation will allow you to recover a tonic perineum and protect you from possible urinary leakage.
  • This "work" also has an impact on the love life: the perineum plays an important role during sexual intercourse by the pleasure that his muscles provide by contracting and relaxing spontaneously.

2. How to know that a reeducation is necessary?

  • Essential before any rehabilitation, the perineal assessment allows to assess the muscular condition of the perineum. Performed by a physiotherapist or midwife, it consists of a clinical examination and a set of questions. Rehabilitation will be advised if you are prone to urinary leakage, if you have pain during sexual intercourse, or if the clinical examination reveals a weak musculature and organs in a low position.
  • It must be known thata cesarean birth does not exempt from this reeducation. The perineum alone has borne the weight of your baby for nine months. This is enough to cause relaxation.

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