Your child 1-3 years

Self-medication: caution

Self-medication is a common practice! 1 in 2 French admits to occasionally buying non-prescription drugs, while stating that they are fully aware of the risks associated with inappropriate use or overdose. Why not, provided you follow some cautionary tips.

Self-medication, the return!

  • In health as elsewhere, the modes change! In the time of our grandparents, we did not disturb the doctor for a cold or indigestion: we treated ourselves, often with remedies of "grandmother" passed down from generation to generation. Then, from the 60s, the habit settled to consult almost systematically, even for what was considered formerly as common pathologies.
  • Self-medication then went through the desert, decried and labeled dangerous. But here we are today at a new turning point: it seems that we are witnessing its rehabilitation. The proof, our health authorities are constantly encouraging openly "responsible self-medication".

What to do ?

  • And you, what are you going to decide: to self-medicate your child or not? Why not, provided you strictly follow the precautionary statements that follow. Even more if your little one is less than 2 years old: not yet mastering the language well, he will have a lot of trouble collaborating, to tell you if he has pain and where, and what symptoms exactly he feels.
  • Another condition to get started in the adventure: you feel sufficiently serene. If you practice forced and forced self-medication because you are afraid to disturb the doctor for nothing, you may finally end up in the ER at night, completely panicked! No need to put yourself in such a situation ...

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